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Green Roofs

As cities become more built up with high-rise buildings and bigger developments, natural spaces become scarcer. Instead of restricting the development of necessary commercial and residential spaces, we can optimise the roofs on buildings as opportunities to create sustainable ecological environments whilst delivering the benefits of what a sustainable Green Roof has to offer.

Biodiverse green roofs – or brown roofs – can be designed to provide native vegetation types or an alternative bespoke habitat for a particular species of wildlife. For this reason, biodiverse roofs often support a wider variety of plant types and may feature different natural encouragements for habitat development, such as partial tree stumps or logs. These green roofs often have deeper soils than other roof types and could include an irrigation system, although this is not always necessary.

Furthermore, this type of green roof can provide housing developers with a solution to planning constraints, as environmentally friendly features such as a green roof rank highly on local authority plans. The opportunity for designers to create spaces that have positive effects on our surroundings are endless, and we welcome discussions with designers to create bespoke rooftop environments.