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Commercial Solar


Large roofs, significant savings. Commercial properties usually possess the necessary attributes for establishing an efficient system. Industrial units and machinery demands substantial power. Leveraging the capabilities of your facility can result in savings amounting to thousands of pounds on your annual energy bill.



French Roofing Solar Renewables offers customised solar solutions tailored to a broad spectrum of commercial sectors across the UK. Our expertise encompasses installations for businesses of all sizes, spanning offices, factories, warehouses, and even farms and agricultural land designated for solar farms. Trust us to deliver efficient and effective solar solutions that precisely align with your business requirements, ensuring optimal performance and long-term benefits.

Benefits for properties of all sizes

100 to 1000sq ft

Even in more compact spaces, Solar can be advantageous. Anticipate savings of up to 80% on your current bill.

1000 to 5000sq ft

With this capacity, ample sunlight enables you to power your entire premises, eliminating the necessity to draw power from the grid.

5000 to 10000sq ft

In addition to powering your business premises, you’ll have surplus power that can be either sold back to the grid or stored for future use during less sunny periods.

10000 + sq ft

With meticulous planning, a roof of this magnitude has the potential to make your building entirely self-sufficient from the grid.

Investing in solar panels, battery storage, and EV chargers, whether implemented independently or as an integrated renewable solution, provides a reliable means for businesses to diminish their carbon footprint, enhance corporate social responsibility, and take charge of escalating energy costs.

In the face of volatility and rising expenses in the energy market, the imperative to balance the energy model for commercial buildings compels owners to explore methods for reducing energy consumption and curbing their carbon footprint.

Worldwide, there is a growing consumer demand for environmentally conscious organizations. Companies are expected to manage their carbon footprint actively, demonstrating their commitment to working towards a sustainable future.

Opting for renewable energy in business not only aligns with environmental goals but also makes sound business sense.

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