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Solar for New Builds


Opting for solar panels during new build projects proves to be an opportune moment, with self-builders and developers increasingly embracing Solar PV to reduce their carbon footprint and align with the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements. Beyond reducing household utility costs, Solar PV systems aid developers in meeting the site SAP requirements.

Our extensive experience in Solar PV, combined with our partnerships with many of the country’s home builders and wholesale solar PV suppliers, positions us as the ideal collaborator for your new build project. In fact, through this partnership, we often take charge of the roof tiling works as well, ensuring a seamless and integrated approach to the entire roofing project.

The incorporation of Building Integrated Solar Products ensures that our Solar PV solution is thoughtfully designed to complement the building. Utilising in-roof mounting solutions minimises the tiled area, resulting in a marginal cost difference compared to traditional mounting solutions.

New government regulations

In the wake of the eagerly anticipated Government announcement regarding the Future Homes Standard and interim adjustments to Part L, numerous housebuilders will be delving into measures and specifications to determine the most efficient means of meeting the carbon reduction requirements.

The decision by the Government to opt for the more stringent option 2 implies that straightforward enhancements to the building fabric are no longer sufficient. Now, meeting the mandated standards will necessitate the incorporation of either solar PV alongside a gas boiler or the integration of a heat pump.

Developers and Home Builders can benefit from the following advantages:

Solar PV systems assist in meeting the Energy Performance Certificate (SAP) requirements.

Promote your brand’s green credentials.

Building Integrated Solar PV, designed to complement the overall appearance of homes, enhances their appeal to potential buyers.

Empower your sales team to upsell Solar PV, contributing to increased profitability.

Enhanced marketability.

Advantages for New Build Homeowners:

Decreased Utility Expenses.

An eco-friendly and sustainable new home.

A secure and dependable source of renewable energy with minimal ongoing maintenance needs.

Safeguarding against potential increases in energy prices.

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